Housing Applications refer to the processes by which eligible individual students or groups of students secure housing through an application.  Students who are assigned housing through a Housing Application process may not participate in a Lottery Event or be assigned through any other assignment process.  Students who withdraw from an assignment made through one these Housing Application processes will be reassigned over the summer through the wait list.  Students who are not accepted into a process will be able to participate in subsequent Housing Application Processes or the Lottery.


6+ Suite Housing -REVISED- see the 6 & 7 person Lottery event

The 6+suite application process has been updated for 2023-2024 as a lottery event.  Please see the Housing Lottery page for details about the 6 or 7 person lottery event which includes adjacent blocks of three double bedrooms or self-contained living units.

Block Housing - REVISED - see the Lottery events by group size

Friend groups of four or six students can select blocks of adjacent double bedrooms through the 4 person or 6 & 7 person lottery events.  Please see the Housing Lottery page for details.

Gender Inclusive Housing - REVISED - Mixed gender groups included in ALL lottery events

Students interested in living with friends in a mixed-gender unit will participate in the lottery event for their group size or housing type.  Please see the Housing Lottery page for details.  Students interested in living in Lavender Lane must apply through the group’s selection process.  Please see the Group Roster page for information.

Grossman House for Global Perspectives

The Grossman House community is comprised of 25 citizens representative of international students, domestic students that have studied abroad, and domestic students that have a strong interest in globalization but have not studied abroad.  This combination of backgrounds brings together students who have had different experiences but who share a common interest in understanding globalization.

Grossman Citizens represent a variety of academic majors and application is open to currently enrolled rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  The Grossman House Application must be submitted through the Residence Life OurCampus group by the deadline.

After acceptances are finalized, Residence Life will manage room and suite assignments using the same class-year priority system as the regular room lottery (rising-seniors have preference, etc) and giving preference to returning citizens.  While applicants may specify a preferred roommate on the application form, apartments will be filled to promote the integration of students from different backgrounds and experiences.  Apartments and bedrooms within Grossman may be gender-inclusive.  Occupancy is primarily double bedrooms within five-, and six-person apartments which contain a private kitchen, bathroom, and furnished common area.

McCartney North and McCartney South

McCartney North and McCartney South are privately-owned residence halls available as an on-campus housing option for students. The College partners with the property owner to provide a living experience consistent with the college-owned halls.  McCartney North units are single bedroom suites; McCartney South units are double bedroom semi-suites.

THIS IS A MULTI-STEP PROCESS.  Step One: is to submit an application to register for the McCartney Residence Lottery Event.  Step Two: is the Lottery event.  Please see the Housing Lottery page for details.

Offerings in McCartney North are 1, 3, and 4 person suites (a majority of the suites are 4-person). The suites include student bedrooms, in-unit bathroom(s), and common area with refrigerator, sink, cabinets, and dining table with chairs.

Offerings in McCartney South are for groups of 2 or 4 These semi-suites are two double bedrooms connected by a shared bathroom.

Note:  Students who are placed in these halls will sign a contract with the owner for the entire year and cannot room change into college owned units.  Some terms differ from the College Housing Contract.  More information can be found in McCartney Residences FAQs.

The Monroe Neighborhood

Students interested in establishing a Monroe House will submit an application outlining a proposed topic of interest and supporting program ideas.   Applicants are expected to review the Monroe Neighborhood Expectations before applying.  A vital step is to obtain support from a faculty member or administrator who has an interest and/or expertise in your topic.  All houses in the Monroe Neighborhood are substance-free.

  • Houses must fill to occupancy with three students.  Groups of six are also welcome to establish two side by side Houses.
  • One application should be submitted for the group through the Residence Life OurCampus group by the deadline.
  • Eligible applicants will have a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or above and not actively on any level of Disciplinary Probation nor have ever been on Disciplinary Probation Level II.

Wellness Housing

This is an opportunity for students to live with fellow residents who share a focus on creating balance in their life and promoting overall well-being.  Members commit to maintaining a substance-free living environment.  Traditional upper-level wellness housing is located in Keefe Hall and Ramer Hall.

Self-Directed Wellness housing is located in off-campus houses and is available for juniors and seniors who have previously lived in a traditional wellness community and wish to increase their independence and autonomy.  Off-campus eligibility requirements apply.

  • Each student must complete the Wellness application in MyHousing by the deadline.
  • Assignments for applicants who are accepted will be processed giving priority to students with prior residency in a wellness community and then in class-year seniority order.

Roommate Matching

If you are looking to live with a roommate or group of people in an application process that runs through MyHousing, you will need to complete the roommate matching steps. Only fully matched roommate groups where each person has submitted a corresponding application will be assigned through this process.  Roommate matching is done through MyHousingWatch this video for instructions (note: video shows previous version of MyHousing but the process remains the same)

Timeline for 2023-2024 Housing Application Processes

February 15:
All Housing Applications Available
**in MyHousing:  McCartney Residences, Wellness Community
**in OurCampus:  Grossman House, Monroe Neighborhood

March 1:
Commuter Application deadline

March 6:
Application deadline to register for McCartney Residences lottery (see Lottery page)

March 10:
Grossman House, Monroe Neighborhood, and Wellness Community application deadline

March 20:
Grossman House, Monroe Neighborhood, and Wellness Community notification