Living on campus has always been an integral part of the Lafayette experience. Living in a residential academic community boosts both intellectual and social development.

Much of your out-of-classroom time will be spent in your residence hall. Your room can become your study space, your center for communications, and your social scene. By living on campus, you will learn so much without even thinking about it. For example, a casual exchange in the hallway with a floormate can teach you about customs and cultures other than your own.

All students are required to live in College housing unless they apply and are approved to commute from their parents/guardians’ home or reside in private off-campus housing (seniors only).

First-year Student Room Assignments

Our goal is to establish robust and diverse first-year communities within one of five Commons.  We believe there is value in learning to negotiate common living space, so as a first-year student, you will live with a roommate.  To help us make your assignment, you are required to complete the First-year Housing Application in your MyHousing account.  The information you provide will be used to match you with a compatible roommate based on a number of factors including sleep, study, and living habits. It is critical that you indicate your preferences accurately and honestly.

There are two opt-in residential communities for first-year students.  One option is the Wellness Community which provides opportunities to develop and maintain habits that support a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. The other is the First-year Gender-Inclusive community.  Rolled out in Fall 2017, this living environment affords students the opportunity to live in a mixed gender wing with a common bathroom to be used by all members of the community regardless of sex or gender expression.   Bedroom assignments may be gender inclusive by request.

Instructions for completing the First-year Housing Application within MyHousing will be sent to your Lafayette email approximately June 1.  Your room assignment and roommate information will be available August 1st.

Transfer Student Room Assignments

As a transfer student, you will complete a Housing Placement Questionnaire in your MyHousing account to help us assign your housing.  Transfer students are assigned to available spaces within upper-level housing.  (Please contact the Office if you would prefer to be assigned to a first-year community).  You will be assigned based on availability and will be with a roommate(s).

Instructions for completing the Housing Placement Questionnaire will be sent to your Lafayette email approximately June 15.  Your room assignment and roommate information will be available approximately August 1st.