In order to provide a comprehensive residential experience, we coordinate with other departments and vendors to maintain the facilities and offer optional contractual services for your room.

AC approval & installation

Students residing in non-air-conditioned facilities are not permitted to bring their own air-conditioner unit to campus. However, students with a documented medical condition or disability may be approved for air conditioning by submitting documentation from the student’s family doctor to the Bailey Health Center. Once approved, the student will be directed to Facilities Operations to complete the process.  Only Facilities Operations Staff is permitted to install AC units in college-owned properties.

Appliance Rentals

The College has partnered with local companies for approved appliance rentals.


To prevent electrical circuitry overloads, the only microwave permitted in residence hall rooms is a microfridge. A microfridge is a combination refrigerator/microwave that regulates its power supply. Microfridge units may be purchased or rented from this vendor.


Small refrigerators are permitted in the residence halls. You may bring your own refrigerator or rent a unit through this vendor.

Campus Specialties
(800) 525-7307

Cable TV

Service Electric Cable TV is the local provider for basic cable services in College housing.  Students may subscribe for basic cable services for their rooms.  Sign up online to order cable television. To upgrade to an HD signal, you must contact Service Electric directly at 610-865-9100 to arrange for a special box to be supplied, installed, and billed by Service Electric. Technical questions regarding cable service should be directed to Facilities Operations at 610 330-5373

Students in the individual off-campus properties must obtain cable services through outside vendors. There are many  providers in the Easton area with whom you can contract cable, phone, and/or internet. Below is the contact info for the most commonly used providers in the area.
*Be sure to ask for college student specials and bundled services!

Provider Services Contact Info
PEN TELE DATA *Internet 800-804-5783
RCN *Local and long distance phone service
Bundles available
SERVICE ELECTRIC *Local and long distance phone service
Bundles available
SPRINT *Local and long distance phone service  800-877-4646
VERIZON *Local and long distance phone service
VOICENET *Internet  888-647-4373

Computer Network

All residence halls feature wireless and wired network connections.  Full information about the campus network can be found on the ITS website.

Students in college-owned off-campus properties must contract their own internet services through a local provider.  See the drop down for Cable TV for communications providers who also may offer internet service packages.


Facilities Operations custodians clean residence hall community bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas. Students are responsible for cleaning their individual bedrooms, en-suite/apartment/house bathroom, private kitchens, and private living areas).

Personal Property Insurance

The College assumes no responsibility for loss of or damage to any student’s personal property while located in College-owned premises. Students should verify that coverage is provided under their family’s homeowners policy. If this policy does not provide coverage, students should visit or contact an insurance agent.

Preventing & Detecting Mold

Mold spores can be found almost anywhere and are naturally present in both indoor and outdoor environments. Mold spores can’t be eliminated from the indoor environment. We bring them in with us on our shoes and clothing and when we open a window. These normal levels of mold do not typically cause health problems. If mold starts to grow indoors, concentrations can rise and increase the risk to occupants. The good news is that we can prevent mold growth by controlling moisture.

Report a Facilities Problem - Submit a Work Order

The Facilities Operations department is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the residence halls.  Our office acts as a liaison between students and Facilities Operations. Students are prohibited from doing their own repairs.

Maintenance Requests

Non-emergency repairs should be submitted through a work order request or by informing your RA.  Emergency requests should be reported immediately as follows:

  • Weekdays 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., call Facilities Operations at 610-330-5373.
  • After 4:30 p.m. and on the weekends, call Public Safety at 610-330-5330.

Laundry Issues

For concerns about laundry facilities please submit a work order request.  Please include the following information so that your request can be processed quickly:

  • Location of the laundry room (building and floor)
  • Exact location of machine that is malfunctioning (ex. 1st washer on the left)
  • Specific description of the problem (ex. washer fills with water but does not drain)

Trash and Recycling

With each residence hall, the College provides centrally located trash cans and recycling containers for small items. Custodians empty hallway trash and recycling containers. You are encouraged to take your room trash directly to the exterior dumpster located near your building.  Students living in off-campus houses/apartments are responsible for taking trash and recycling curbside for pick-up by the City of Easton.