Housing Lottery is the series of online events during the Spring semester when  eligible students who have not already received an assignment choose a room for the following year. Events are organized by type (on-campus, off-campus, college-owned, privately-owned) and by unit occupancy.  Within each lottery event, selection times are assigned using a weighted, seniority-based system. Only unassigned students can participate in the lottery events.  Students assigned through an Application or Group Roster are not eligible.

Lottery Event List

  • McCartney Residence Lottery- this event is for registered students (completed an application by deadline) to select a room in the privately owned and operated McCartney North or McCartney South- matched roommate groups of two, three, or four students can select units that match their group size-  single students may participate but due to high demand and low inventory, studio units will be assigned by random, seniority based lottery number order prior to the event- unassigned singles will then have time to match with a group in order to participate
  • College-owned Off-campus Lotteries- 2 person and 3-person- these lottery events allow rising seniors and juniors to select apartments and houses off-campus (rising sophomores are not eligible to participate)
  • 6 & 7-person Lottery- this lottery is available for matched roommate groups of six or seven people
  • 4-person Lottery- this lottery is available for matched roommate groups of four people
  • 3-person Lottery- this lottery is available for matched roommate groups of three people
  • Single Lottery- this lottery is available for those seeking a single
  • Doubles Lottery- this lottery is available for those matched roommate pairs seeking a double

Students included in a lottery event can view the available spaces prior to the lottery start time to help plan. We strongly suggest you and your group prepare by creating a rank ordered list of rooms in which you are interested.  When your start time arrives,  you will be able to select from the spaces remaining. Other roommate groups will continue to be added to the process at established intervals.

If you are unable to choose with your intended group or elect not to select an available space in a lottery event you should reorganize roommate matches before the next event starts. You will be assigned a new start time and placed in the lottery event that matches your updated roommate group.

Watch our video to see how it works!

Timeline for the 2023-2024 Housing Lottery

March 8:
McCartney Residences Lottery
**must register in MyHousing before March 6 by complete the McCartney application
**unmatched students hoping for a studio unit are assigned random, seniority-based lottery numbers on March 6 and immediately notified of assignment- those not assigned will have until the next morning to match with roommates to participate in the lottery event

March 22:
College-owned Off-campus 2-person lottery

March 24:
College-owned Off-campus 2-person lottery

March 29:
6 & 7-person Lottery

March 31:
4-person Lottery

April 4:
3-person Lottery

April 11:
Single Lottery

April 14:
Double Lottery

Roommate Matching

If you are looking to live with a roommate or group of people, you will need to go through the roommate matching process for your lottery event in MyHousing.  Only fully matched roommate groups will be able to choose as a group in any lottery event. Some matching processes are limited to eligible students.  If you can’t find your intended roommate, check the following:
a) Are they eligible based on their class year? (rising sophomores are not included in college-owned off-campus processes)
b)  Have they completed the required application?  (McCartney Residences, Wellness)
c)  Is their housing unassigned for the fall? (students assigned through another process cannot participate in further events)

Groups need to be fully matched by the posted deadline (typically the day before the Lottery event) to receive a lottery start time.  Watch this video for instructions (note: video shows previous version of MyHousing but the process remains the same).

Lottery start times

Lottery start times are assigned to individual students randomly within each class year for each lottery event. It is a senior-based system which means rising seniors get earlier start times than rising juniors, who get earlier start times than rising sophomores.  Start times are then recalculated for roommate groups by averaging the individual times.  In this weighted system, a group with all rising seniors will have an earlier start time than a group with mixed class years.  You will be prompted by email to view your start time in MyHousing the day before your lottery event. Fully matched roommate groups receive one start date/time.  Any roommate can choose housing for the group.

If you believe you/your group will be unable to choose housing at your start time please contact Residence Life in advance of the start of the Lottery event.

Lottery numbers and start times are unique to each lottery event.

Available Spaces

The list of available spaces is based on availability of spaces and the number of the students who are eligible to select in the Lottery (those who are not already assigned). A preview of available spaces will be accessible in MyHousing the day before each lottery event.  You will only be able to view the available spaces for your group size and gender. For instance four person spaces will not show if your group is made up of three people and female only spaces (ie. Soles) will not show to male or mixed gender groups.  To give you an idea of where rooms exist, you can review this document containing room configurations by building including notes about halls that have a single gender designation.


The Waitlist is the final phase of the housing assignment process. Each year, there are students who are not able to select their rooms through Lottery.  Instead, they are assigned over the summer as rooms become available.  Any eligible student who doesn’t select a room through Lottery is automatically placed on the Waitlist and will be prompted to register assignment preferences.

The Waitlist also provides an opportunity for students who selected a room through lottery to request a different assignment, should that space become available.

Have questions? Utilize Consultation Drop-in Hours

Drop-in Hours will be held in the Residence Life Office from 9:30 – 11:30am prior to each lottery event so students can ask questions and consult with Residence Life professional staff.

McCartney Residences:  March 2 and 7

Off-Campus 2- person:  March 22
Off-Campus 3-person:  March 24
6 -7 person: March 28
4-person: March 31
3-person: April 4
Single: April 11
Double:  April 12 and 14