Housing Lottery is the online event during the Spring semester when students who have not already received an assignment through one of the Room Selection processes will choose a room for the following year. Lottery is structured by seniority between class years and randomly assigned start times within each class year. If you do not secure an assignment through the Room Selection process (e.g. an application process or living group membership), you will receive a start time when you log in to the MyHousing portal.

Roommate Matching

If you are looking to live with a roommate or group of people you will need to go through the roommate matching process for your lottery event.  Only fully matched roommate groups will be able to choose as a group in any lottery event. Groups should be fully matched the day before the event to receive a lottery start time.

Lottery Start Times

Lottery start times are assigned randomly within each class year for each lottery event.  Start times will be available the day before the lottery event by logging into MyHousing.  Fully matched roommate groups will use the earliest start date/time of the group and any roommate can choose housing for the group.

Available Spaces

The list of available spaces is based on the gender breakdown of the students who will select in the Lottery (those who are not already assigned). A preview of available spaces will be accessible in MyHousing the day before each lottery event.  You will only be able to view the available spaces for your group size. For instance four person spaces will not show if your group is made up of three people.

Lottery Events

There are three types of lottery events:

1) Priority College-owned Off-campus Lottery is an option only for pre-determined eligible rising seniors and their eligible roommates
2) Senior Only Lottery is an option only for un-assigned rising seniors who want to live with other rising seniors or in a single
3) General Lotteries are the processes for all other un-assigned students.  In these lotteries, students can “pull-up” roommates from lower class years.  The start times for groups in each of these lotteries will be assigned by seniority.  The General Lotteries are structured by housing type:

  • 4-person Lottery- this lottery is available for matched roommate groups of four people.
  • 3-person Lottery- this lottery is available for matched roommate groups of three people.
  • Singles Lottery- this lottery is available for those seeking a single
  • Doubles Lottery- this lottery is available for those roommates seeking a double.

On the day of your lottery start time you are able to login to view the available spaces once more. When your start time arrives you will be able to select from the list of available spaces. Once your time starts you will have until that event is closed to finish your selection. Other roommate groups will continue to be added to the process at established intervals.

If you are unable to choose with your intended group in a lottery event you should reorganize roommate matches before the next event starts. You will be assigned a new start time and placed in the lottery event that matches your roommate group.

Please review the Ethics and Eligibility information