The housing lottery and assignment processes are intended for students who are: 1) currently enrolled for the spring semester and 2) plan to be enrolled on campus for the subsequent fall semester.

If you are not currently enrolled or do not plan to be on campus for the fall semester, please review the appropriate eligibility guidelines below.


Currently on a Leave of Absence

If you are currently on a leave of absence (not enrolled), you are not eligible to participate in housing selection or lottery processes until you have been reinstated for the upcoming Fall semester. Contact your Class Year Dean to request access to the reinstatement application.

Students reinstated after the conclusion of lottery and housing selection processes, or those who are reinstated but take no action in lottery or selection processes, will be housed over the summer via the Housing Waitlist process.

Fall abroad

Due to the continued uncertainty surrounding international travel, if you have applied or been accepted to study abroad for the fall 2021 semester, you are eligible to participate in the housing assignment or lottery process.  You will be prompted to confirm your study abroad plans during the summer and if you are able to go, your housing will be cancelled.  Fall abroad students will be prompted to submit spring housing preferences prior to departure.  You may update your request through the end of the fall semester, when spring housing assignments are finalized.  Due to the high occupancy level during the fall semester, we cannot hold rooms open or pre-assign spring semester spaces.

If you anticipate having limited or no e-mail access during your time abroad, please contact the Director of Residence Life before you begin your semester abroad.


Planning to take a Leave of Absence or to Transfer

If you are are planning to take a leave of absence or transfer (i.e. not be enrolled on campus for the fall semester) you should not participate in the any housing assignment or lottery processes.

Students whose roommates withdraw from housing after the housing assignment or lottery process will be assigned a new roommate or may be relocated to a different room by the Office of Residence Life.