Options for Upper-level Students

Students are required to live in College housing unless approved to commute from their family home or released as a senior to pursue private off-campus rentals. Residential facilities and processes are designed to offer increasing levels of independence and autonomy to coincide with a student’s development over four years.

During the spring semester, all eligible students participate in various processes to secure a housing assignment for the following academic year.  Where and with whom a student wants to live guide the steps for selecting or be assigned a space.  Students should consider each option by fully reviewing the processes details.  All processes are seniority based by class year so take a moment to review the reasonable expectations by class year page.


1. The privately owned and operated Tator North and McCartney South no longer require an application or have a separate lottery event.  The units will be incorporated into the senior only and occupancy size lotteries.

2. The new McCartney II apartments will be included in the senior only and occupancy size lotteries.

3.  College-owned Off-campus properties will no longer have a separate lottery event.  The units will be incorporated into the senior only and occupancy size lotteries.

4.  The Senior Only Lottery has been reinstated with new features in order to provide rising seniors with the most flexibility and ownership of their room selection.
    Day 1-traditional lottery model.  Seniors will match as roommate groups (or unmatched if trying for a single unit) before the lottery event, receive a group lottery start time, and have the opportunity to select a unit that matches the group size.

Day 2- Second Chance – individual room lottery opportunity where traditional lottery rules are lifted. Roommate groups will be able to break into smaller groups and/or singles in order to select a room(s). The requirement to fill a room or suite will no longer apply therefore students would be able to select bedrooms within a suite. Students participating in Day 2 will be given an updated lottery start time preserving the same order as the day before.

5. Wellness Community applicants will select their own rooms through a Wellness Lottery.  An application is still required.  Once submitted, applicants are entered into the lottery where priority is given to students with prior residency in a wellness community and then in class-year seniority order.