Lafayette College is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate housing accommodations to students with disabilities. The housing accommodations request process is intended to address housing needs that cannot be met through the general room selection process.

Students who would like to request a disability related housing accommodation and/or find additional information, instructions and policies related to housing accommodations are asked to visit Accessibility Services web site. Please do not send requests and/or documentation to the Residence Life Office.  

When should I submit my accommodation request?

Housing accommodation requests for the next academic year must be submitted by February 15th (current students) or June 1st (incoming first year students).

The College may not be able to provide the approved housing accommodation for submissions received after the deadline.  Later approvals may be assigned as space is available through the summer waitlist or, for approvals during the academic year, through the room change process.

How will Residence Life be notified of approved accommodations?

Once the accommodation request process is complete and if accommodations are approved, Accessibility Services will email you a Confirmation of Accommodation Letter and copy Residence Life.

What is the assignment process and timeline for currently enrolled students with approved accommodation?

In mid-February, the Office of Residence Life will contact you with instructions for registering to be individually assigned to housing for the next academic year.   In mid-March, you will have the opportunity to share building and room rate requests through the Housing Accommodation Form in MyHousingYour assignment will be posted in MyHousing in mid-April.

How will Residence Life match my approved accommodation with a housing assignment?

We use the information from Accessibility Services about your specific needs and any preferences you list on the Housing Accommodation Form to assign you to an available space in College housing that meets your accommodation.   The Housing Accommodation Form invites you to list preferred buildings, however, building requests are not guaranteed.  Like all room selection processes, housing accommodation assignments are class-year, seniority based.  You should expect to be placed in a building consistent with where students from your class year are generally assigned/can select through lottery.

If I am individually assigned by Residence Life, can my assignment include roommates?

The purpose of housing accommodations is to meet the needs of the individual student who has been approved.  While your housing accommodations do not extend to other students, you would be able to match with a roommate at the time you complete the Housing Accommodation Form (unless your accommodation specifies a single bedroom).

If you want to be assigned to a room near a group of friends, on your Housing Accommodation Form, you may preference buildings near where they have been assigned.

If you want to live in a multi-room unit (e.g. an apartment, suite, or room block) with your friends, you may participate in a housing process to select housing with roommates, as would any other student.  In the event your group isn’t assigned this type of housing, you would still have time to submit a Housing Accommodation Form to request an individual assignment.

Do I have to be assigned to a room by Residence Life?

You are not required to be individually assigned by Residence Life or to use your accommodation.  You may pursue an assignment through any of the Room Selection processes: Housing applications, Group rosters, or Lottery.

I want to join a living group or apply for theme housing. How will my accommodation be considered?

For living groups that manage their own membership and room assignments, if you want to be assigned per your accommodation, show your Confirmation of Accommodation to the group leadership before room assignments are determined and submitted to Residence Life.

If you opt into theme housing through an application process managed by Residence Life, we will consult your accommodation when making your assignment.

Am I able to pick housing through the Lottery?

You are welcome to select any available room in lottery per the standard lottery process, regardless of whether the room matches your stated accommodation.  If you participate in Lottery, you will be assigned to the room you/your roommate group selects and charged the associated room rate.

As an incoming first-year student, when will I be assigned housing?

You will be assigned over the summer, at the same time as other new students.  Residence Life staff will assign you to a room that meets your approved accommodation while taking into account your preferences expressed on the First Year Housing Application.

Do I need to resubmit my documentation each year?

No. Approved accommodations apply to all subsequent housing terms.