Students who would like to request a disability related housing and/or dining accommodation are asked to contact Accessibility Services to begin the request process.  If you believe you may be eligible for a housing accommodation due to a physical or mental health disability as defined by The Americans With Disabilities Act and Section 504, please see the  website for complete information, instructions, and policies regarding accommodation requests.  Please do not send requests and/or documentation to the Residence Life Office.  


When should I submit my accommodation request?

Students may contact Accessibility Services at any time regarding the accommodation request process. However, during the current academic year, housing accommodations are assigned as a space available basis. Accommodation requests for the next academic year must be submitted by March 1st (current students) or June 1st (incoming first year students) Once the room assignment process has concluded (usually in April/early May for Fall semester and mid-June for incoming students), there may be limited (or no) options left that will meet accommodation needs.

How will Residence Life know if my request is approved?

Once the accommodation request process is complete, you will receive an email with an attached letter from Accessibility Service. If your accommodation(s) are approved, Residence Life will be copied on the email.

As a currently enrolled student, when will I be assigned housing?

If your accommodation specifies a particular type of housing (e.g. single room), in the spring semester you may register to be individually assigned to housing for the next academic year in advance of the Lottery process by completing the Housing Accommodation Form.   The form will be available in MyHousing in mid-March.  You will receive confirmation of your assignment by mid-April.

If you receive approval for an accommodation during the year or after Fall room assignments have been completed, you will be assigned as space is available through the room change process.

Do I have to be assigned based on my accommodation?

No.  You are welcome to arrange your housing through one of the various housing assignment processes (e.g. greek chapter house roster, special interest house, Block, Wellness, etc) or Lottery.

If you are assigned into College housing through an application or roster process, you will be assigned according to your accommodation if possible.  [For example, if you are approved for a single and are accepted into Block Housing, your group would be assigned a cluster of rooms that includes a single bedroom].

If you participate in Lottery, you will be assigned to the room you/your roommate group selects.

If you arrange your own housing, you will be charged the housing rate of the room you selected and Residence Life would not use information entered on the Housing Accommodation Form.

As an incoming first-year student, when will I be assigned housing?

You will be assigned over the summer, at the same time as other new students.  Residence Life staff will assign you to a room that meets your approved accommodation while taking into account your preferences expressed on the First Year Housing Application.

Do I need to resubmit my documentation each year?

No.  Once approved, housing accommodations apply to subsequent housing terms.  If you have previously received a housing accommodation, you do not need to resubmit (unless there is a change in your condition).  Housing accommodations apply to all housing terms, including Summer.