The Waitlist is the final phase of the housing assignment process. Each year, there are students who are not able to select their rooms at Lottery.  Later in the summer, rooms become available for assignment through the Waitlist.  The Waitlist also provides the opportunity for students who selected a room in lottery to request a different assignment, should that space become available.

The Waitlist requests will be accepted from the date of the final Lottery event through May 1st.  Room assignment changes will be posted in MyHousing continuously through July.

The housing Waitlist is for:

1.  Current students who did not receive room assignments through the Housing Application & Lottery processes so they can relay their building and roommate preferences. Housing is guaranteed for all enrolled students:  students studying on campus for the Fall semester will definitely receive an assignment through this process.  There is a dedicated Waitlist for rising sophomores who want to be matched with a roommate by the Residence Life office using their living preferences.

2. Students who have a room assignment but would like to request a change to a different assignment.  (Students who make a waitlist request are not removed from their originally assigned rooms unless a new assignment that they have requested is available).

NOTE: To maintain the integrity of all assignment processes, the Office of Residence Life expects that you will select housing in good faith and with full intention of residing in the selected location and with all designated roommates. Room changes will not be approved to facilitate the unification of upper-level students who have split up for the purpose or effect of providing an advantage to students with less desirable lottery start times, that splits up intact roommate groups, or that would result in an individual vacancy within a multiple occupancy room/unit. 

Room changes and assignments are preferentially based on class year and availability (not date of submission).  Following the initial review deadline, date of submission may be considered in placement.

Waitlist Registration Procedures

Students have the option of registering for multiple Waitlists.  The Waitlists mirror the housing options available in the Lotteries: single, double, 3-person, 4-person, off-campus.

  1. Register for the Waitlist through MyHousing. On the menu bar, click on Roommate Requests, then select Wait List .  Using the dropdown menu, select the appropriate Waitlist (e.g. double, 3-person, Rising Sophomore Roommate Matching, etc.)
  2. A Comments box is available if you wish to preference a particular building(s). Noting a preference is NOT a guarantee as we cannot predict availability.  Please limit Comments only to building requests [also list room number if you wish to live with a specific roommate who has vacant space within their double room or shift to a different room within your existing suite/apt/court].
  3. Click Submit to finish the registration. To register for another configuration Waitlist, follow the steps again.
  4. You must have a fully matched roommate group for the largest unit for which you have waitlisted and all members of the group must complete a Waitlist request. The roommate matching from the lottery process will carry over – there is no action needed if your matched group is already the right size.  To add or delete roommates, complete the Roommate Matching Process.  If you submit multiple Waitlist requests, you will have the opportunity to adjust roommate requests based on the occupancy of the room to which you are actually assigned (e.g. double vs triple).
  5. Historically, more students request singles than will be available through the Waitlist. Therefore, you are encouraged to also register for a double Waitlist even if you don’t have a matched roommate.  We will facilitate an opportunity to pair with a roommate during the summer.