Helpful information about the newest housing options, McCartney North and McCartney South. These halls are owned and operated by a private owner in partnership with the College.


Who can live in McCartney North suites?

All upper-level students can apply to live in the suites.  This hall contains all single bedrooms arranged in suites. This is a seniority-based application process so it is most likely that seniors and juniors will be placed in the hall.  Most of the suites are 4-person.

Who can live in McCartney South semi-suites?

All upper-level students can apply to live in the semi-suites.  This hall is a traditional layout with double bedrooms connected by a shared bathroom.  Most likely it will be filled by sophomores who want to live with a roommate and a group of friends.

How do I apply?

Spaces in the new halls will be assigned through an application process.  Interested students will complete the McCartney Residences housing application in MyHousing.  Application opens on February 12th and closes on March 1st.  Applicants and their proposed roommates also need to complete the McCartney Residences roommate matching by March 1st.

How are assignments made?

Consistent with other Housing Application processes, assignments are based on class year seniority and availability of requested unit size.

What is the housing fee for the McCartney Residences?

McCartney North and McCartney South are tier 5 housing options.

What does it mean to sign a contract with a private owner?

It is important students understand they are signing a contract with a private owner, and they read the housing contract carefully as some of the contract terms vary from College-owned housing.  Although the contract will be with the owner, the same College services, residence life programs, and policies that are offered in College-owned housing will be available to students in McCartney North and McCartney South.

Are room changes permitted in the McCartney Residences?

Room changes within McCartney North and McCartney South are permitted based on availability.  Room changes from McCartney North or McCartney South to another residence hall are not guaranteed.

Can I cancel my contract if I want to go abroad for the spring?

Students who wish to cancel their McCartney housing contract to participate in a College approved study abroad program will be released from the contract if they successfully identify a replacement through the established process. An eligible replacement must be an enrolled Lafayette College student who is not a current resident of McCartney North or McCartney South and is not a first-year student.

Why do I need a guarantor?

A guarantor is required to complete the housing contract for the following reasons:

  •         To convey the importance of the contract
  •         To denote the difference from the Lafayette College Housing Contract
  •         To reinforce the financial responsibility undertaken through the contract
  •         To guarantee that all payments will be received  **The guarantor will be responsible for all payments if the student does not provide them.

The student is required to have a parent, legal guardian, or sponsor who is at least twenty-one years old complete the contract guaranty as part of the housing contract.

What is a 10-month contract?

The contract begins with the start of the fall semester and concludes at the end of the spring semester. A request to cancel the housing contract prior to the end of the 10-month term is not guaranteed and must be submitted to the Director of Operations. Students who sign a contract at the start of the spring will sign a 5-month contract.

Winter Term:  For the winter term, students must apply through the Office of Residence Life to receive permission to occupy a room.  Students may be assigned to a room different than their Fall/Spring semester assignment for the period. A separate charge will be assessed for housing during the winter term.

Summer Term:  This contract does not include summer housing.  Students who seek housing for the summer term will apply through the Office of Residence Life.  An additional housing fee will be assessed for summer housing.

When will the buildings open?

Move-in and move-out each year will be consistent with the housing calendar for College-owned properties.  McCartney North & McCartney South will be ready for students to take residence at the start of the 2020 fall semester.

What is the meal plan requirement?

Students may select either the 14 or 20 meal plan.  (McCartney North and South units do not have private kitchens)

What are some of the building amenities?

Both buildings have central air-conditioning, an elevator, community kitchens, a laundry room with coinless (free) operated machines, study lounges, and social lounges.  The College Store is on the first level of McCartney North and The Trolley Stop diner is on the first level of McCartney South.

Is there parking for residents of the McCartney Residences?

Students living in McCartney North and McCartney South will register for parking through the regular student registration process and be assigned parking in the Bushkill Commons student parking lot (based on availability).