Living in college-owned off-campus housing allows you some freedoms and different responsibilities than living in a traditional residence hall.  While your “landlord” is still the College, there are important items that you will have to take care of on your own. The list below provides some insight to your time off campus and some household check list items.

Apartment/House Maintenance

The Facilities Operations department is responsible for maintaining College owned off-campus properties.  Our office acts as a liaison between students and Facilities Operations. Students are prohibited from doing their own repairs.

Maintenance Requests

Non-emergency repairs should be submitted through a work order request.  Emergency requests should be reported immediately as follows:

  • Weekdays 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., call Facilities Operations at 610-330-5373.
  • After 4:30 p.m. and on the weekends, call Public Safety at 610-330-5330.

Contracted Services

Lafayette College does not provide cable, internet or phone services to students living in college-owned off-campus spaces. Whether you live in private or college-owned housing, you are responsible for contracting vendors for any and all services you choose. It is a good idea to talk over these services as a household (include all roommates) in order to make decisions about finances, usage, and account ownership. Here is a list of phone, internet and cable providers in this area.

For students in apartments at 512 March St., college WiFi is already installed in the building. The cable television package available in our residence halls can be purchased directly through Facilities Operations.

Furnishings and Decorations

College-owned houses and apartments are supplied with basic furnishings:

  • Bedroom: bed, desk, desk chair, and a dresser for each student (similar to residence hall rooms)
  • The Residence at 512 March St. has full sized beds, all other college-owned units are traditional XL twins, the same as in residence halls.
  • Kitchen/Dining area: a table and chair per student, oven/stove and standard sized refrigerator
  • Living Room: generally seating for six, usually in the form of couch, loveseat and chair. Each unit should also have a coffee table.

Talk with your roommates about bringing additional furnishing that will give your place that personal touch. Don’t forget about your outdoor spaces. Only appropriate outdoor furniture is allowed. No inside furniture outside!

As you think about how you are going to decorate your spaces please keep in mind, off-campus housing is no different than your days in the residence halls. You will be charged for any intentional or accidental damages. Please invest in any non-paint pulling adhesive products (eg: 3M Command products).  Most off-campus units have map rail to attach wall hangings to, please use them to avoid damage charges.


You are given checkpoint access to the community laundry room in the Soles Hall if you live in college-owned off-campus housing. This coin-less facility is located in the basement of Soles with access through an exterior entrance off of the Health Center’s parking lot. There is a large, 24-hour study lounge connected to the laundry room as well as a vending machine.

For students in apartments at 512 March St., laundry facilities are inside of the building.

Room Verification Form

Upon arrival to your off-campus house or apartment, one of the first things you and your roommates must do is inspect its condition. The Room Verification Form will be opened through MyHousing for you to complete early in the academic year. In order to make the most accurate report possible, we suggest you perform the inspection before you move in personal belongings, which may mask damages and problem areas. The account of the condition you take now will serve as the basis for subsequent inspections (October and April). Damages found during these inspections that were not noted on the initial form will be your responsibility.

Each form should be filled out properly and submitted online. If you discover items that need maintenance or repair, please Report a Facilities Problem.

Room and Board Costs

Students living in College Owned Off Campus housing still have a meal plan requirement, which would be based on their class year and the presence of a private kitchen in their unit.

The apartments at 512 March St. are a Tier 5 housing option. Other College Owned Off Campus units that are not part of the Monroe Neighborhood are Tier 4 housing options.

Application Based Processes and House Rosters

Please see information about self-directed Wellness housing, the Monroe Neighborhood, and House Rosters (such as Portlock, Hillel, and the Arts Houses) under Housing Applications.