By creating or joining a Special Interest House, students assume responsibility for creating their own learning opportunities around their house theme. The SIH members are to complete monthly programming for the members of the floor and each semester host a campus wide program to promote community involvement incorporating your house theme. Each member is expected to actively participate in the creation of a program plan and take initiative to implement the ideas.

Each Special Interest House is advised by at least one faculty member or administrator. These faculty sponsors offer advice and guidance in the development of formal house programs and informal opportunities to learn about the theme. Each Special interest house receives a program budget from the Office of Residence Life. Assistance with managing budgeting, program planning, and other aspects of implementing the house syllabus is provided by Residence Life staff.

Special Interest Houses are currently located within Keefe Hall and Ramer Hall, the location of a SIH is determined by the amount of residents interested in the community and the needs of the house

To learn more about the current Special Interest Houses and contact persons, please refer to the information on the Living Group webpage.

Current Special Interest Houses

Music Appreciation Floor (MAFia)
Math Engineering Science House (MESH)
Tabletop Role-playing Appreciation Program (TRAP)

Special Interest House Roster Expectations

  • If your name is listed on a Special Interest House roster, you may not secure an assignment through any other Room Selection process or participate in the Housing Lottery.
  • It is your responsibility to confirm your room assignment with the group leadership.
  • If you withdraw from the Special Interest House, you will be assigned housing over the summer through the wait list.
  • Spaces unfilled by the group or that become vacant will be available for general assignment as needed.