Special-Interest Houses

Special-interest houses are student-directed residential communities centered on academic and/or co-curricular interests. Students explore self-governance, engage in civic responsibility, share knowledge, and sponsor programs in support of a self-selected theme. Houses seek approval on a yearly basis to allow the program offerings to reflect the ever-changing interests of the students.  Please see the Room Selection website for information about how to join an existing special-interest house.  Or read the instructions to learn how to propose a new group.

2013-2014 Groups

America through the decades

Located in Keefe Hall, this house seeks to create an inclusive community that explores and celebrates the turbulent and exciting development of the American culture.   Members will learn about watershed events which molded the country, as well as foster their appreciation of these seminal moments through interactive activities.

C.H.A.N.C.E. (Creating Harmony and Necessary Cultural Equality)

Located on the first floor of Ramer Hall, the main goal of this diverse population is to achieve a sense of community with each other and the campus by sharing members’ rich cultural histories and traditions.

H.O.L.A. (Heritage of Latin America)

This group on the 2nd floor of Ramer Hall promotes cross-cultural communication, develops leadership skills, and educates about the heritage of Latin America and Latinos in the United States.

Mind, Body, Spirit

Located in Keefe Hall, this house’s members support each other in their search for a lifestyle that maintains a balanced improvement in mind, body, and spirit.  Mind includes intellectual development, body encompasses physical health, and spirit incorporates openness and exploration of all religions and cultures.

Music Appreciation Floor

On the third floor of Ramer Hall,  the MAFia advocates the performance and appreciation of music in a substance-free environment.  Opportunities are created for students to perform, either solo or as small groups, and to support campus musical groups through involvement in or attendance at performances.  This group has been honored multiple times as the Outstanding Living Group at the Hoff Awards.
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TRAP (Tabletop and Roleplaying Appreciation pROGRAMS)

Located in Keefe Hall, this house provides an encouraging and supportive environment for people to learn new games and play old ones, taking advantage of all of the benefits that tabletop games provide. House goals include helping members to become quicker, more innovative thinkers and problem solvers that are more confident, creative, and social. The TRAP Floor is a substance-free floor.