Housing Assignment Process and Requests

All students are required to live in College Housing during the regular academic year. Room change requests are processed during mid year, or less often, during the semester. Housing selection for the Fall semester occurs in the preceding Spring semester.

During the January Interim and summer sessions, students have the option of living on campus.

Room Change Request

Students who wish to change rooms during the course of the year must request to do so with the Office of Residence Life. Room change requests are not guaranteed but can be granted as space allows.

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Room Selection and Housing Lottery

During the spring semester, students participate in the Housing Lottery to secure their housing assignment for the following academic year.

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Winter Housing

Students who wish to remain on campus during any time between the conclusion of the Fall semester and the start of the Spring Semester may apply to live on campus.

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Summer Housing

Students who wish to live on campus for any duration of the summer due to EXCEL research, classes, internships, etc may apply to live on campus.

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