Lafayette College offers Wellness communities for first-year and upper-level students.  Residence Hall staff in this area sponsor programs around six dimensions of wellness:  emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual.  This is an opportunity for students to live with fellow residents who share a focus on creating balance in their life and promoting overall well being.  Members commit to maintaining a substance-free living environment.  (Please note college policies regarding tobacco, drug and alcohol use apply in all residence halls).

Traditional upper-level wellness housing is located in Keefe Hall and Ramer Hall.

Self-Directed Wellness housing is located in off-campus apartments and is available for juniors and seniors who have previously lived in a traditional wellness community and wish to increase their independence and autonomy.

Terms of Application

The following policies and conditions are applicable to students who submit an application for Wellness Housing:

  1. Applications will be processed giving priority to students with prior residency in a wellness community and then in Lottery Number order.
  2. Roommate pairs must each submit their own application because a signature is required.
  3. Applicants who do not list a proposed roommate may be assigned to a double based on availability.
  4. Students who secure housing through this special process may not participate in Housing Lottery.
  5. If you withdraw from Wellness Housing, you will be assigned housing over the summer through the wait list.
  6. Assigned students will be required to sign a Wellness Agreement at the start of the year.

Application & Instructions

Click here for the Wellness Housing application and instructions.