Living in private off-campus housing is an added privilege for students who are released through the priority off-campus process in the winter before their senior year.  While exciting, there are added responsibilities and things to think about.

Know your Lease

Read your lease before you sign it! Make sure you have a copy of your lease handy in the house if issues arise while you are living there.  Residence Life requires you to turn in a copy of your lease during the spring before your senior year, and we are happy to make a copy for you as well.  Some points you may want to take note of on your lease:

  • Timeline of occupancy
  • Your responsibility when it comes to repairs, yard maintenance or social event parameters.
  • Any costs that might be passed along to you.
  • Terms of the return of your security deposit.
  • Sub-letting terms.
  • Heat and/or air conditioning temperature settings.

You are strongly encouraged to thoroughly inspect the condition and report problem areas to your landlord. Most likely you have paid a security deposit that you want to get back at the end of your lease. Don’t get stuck paying for damages that you did not produce.

Know the City Codes

Congratulations you are now, more so than ever, a community member in the City of Easton.  You should be familiar with the City of Easton Codes and how they are enforced.  Some highlights include:

  • All dwellings should have smoke detectors.
  • Disorderly conduct/noise from tenants may warrant a ticket from the City of Easton.
  • As a College Hill resident you are required to have an residential parking permit from the City.  This process starts with registering for parking through Public Safety.
  • Snow removal should be done from sidewalks adjacent to homes within 8 hours of a snow fall.
  • Garbage and recycling should be kept neatly in cans before it is put on the curb to be picked up by the City.

Continued responsibility to the College

Although private off-campus housing is intended to give you more independence, you are still a Lafayette College student and part of the College community. Your behavior, positive and negative, will be noticed by community members you live among and will help to shape their opinions of all Lafayette students. Ultimately, you are a Lafayette College student no matter where you live and that means the College expects you to be“honorable, ethical, and mature in every regard” as stated in the Student Code of Conduct

Neighbors have been instructed to call the Residence Life office with concerns about student behavior or for immediate concerns to call the Easton Police department. You should expect follow up from our office should there be a neighbor concern about your behavior.