The privilege of living off-campus, be it in college-owned or private housing, comes with several important responsibilities. Not only will you have household responsibilities (grocery shopping and regular cleaning) but you also have the responsibility to multiple communities around your home.

Community Member

Living off-campus means you now also a member of the College Hill community. Engage in the community by introducing yourself to neighbors, attending community events or attend a meeting of the College Hill Neighborhood Association.

Although off-campus housing is intended to give you more independence, you are still a part of the College community and should stay updated on campus happenings as well.

City laws and ordinances

In addition to being responsible as a Lafayette student to the Student Code of Conduct, you should also be familiar and abide by all city laws and ordinances.

One of the more common neighbor concerns about students living in the community is noise.  As college students you may keep very different hours than some of your community neighbors.  In the City of Easton there are no “quiet hours” but rather noise heard from a residence to a public space (road or sidewalk) may warrant a warning or ticket from the Easton Police Department.

Trash and Recycling

Trash is collected every Monday on College Hill.  Garbage should be placed on the curb Sunday night after 6 p.m.  If the garbage is not placed on the curb, it WILL NOT be collected. Each household may place the equivalent of up to four 32-gallon containers curbside per week.  In addition, one bulk item per week may be placed curbside for pickup. If garbage is improperly disposed of, the City could write a citation to landlord.  In private housing that may be passed along to you based on the terms of your lease and in college housing students will receive fines and possible Code of Conduct violations.

Be sure to review the City of Easton Trash and Recycling Schedule.

Exterior upkeep

You and your roommates are responsible for keeping the yard, porch, and sidewalks free of debris and unsightly items.  This means picking up garbage left by guests or passersby, collecting the delivered newspapers and fliers as well as taking in your garbage and recycling bins after they have been emptied.

As per the City of Easton ordinance no furniture intended for inside use is permitted outside so you may want to invest in some outdoor patio furniture.

A Guide for Living in Your Off Campus Home

Refer to this off-campus living guide (pdf) for additional information about living off-campus.