Do you…

  • prefer the convenience of a pick-up/delivery service with professional movers?
  • desire the assurance that campus storage areas won’t be full (closed) before you have finished moving out of your room?
  • need to store furniture, carpet, bikes, a mattress, or other items that are not allowed in campus storage areas?
  • want the items you store to be insured?
  • desire the predictability of a temperature monitored storage facility?
  • need to customize a solution including shipping items to or from the storage facility?

If so, please evaluate working with DormRoomMovers, our off-campus storage partner, to meet your needs.


Dorm Room Movers

  • Offers full service storage & shipping solutions including professional movers for pickup from your room and/or re-delivery to your fall assignment.
  • Several scheduled days of pick up and delivery are offered at no additional charge. New dates can be requested and may be added based on demand or additional fees.
  • Storage plans can be arranged for different lengths of time, but typically stretch from May to August.
  • Users can arrange to ship boxed items to or from warehouse throughout the year. Outbound shipping from warehouse is also available to select international addresses where UPS ships. Domestic purchases can also be shipped to the warehouse direct from retailers to be delivered to campus with the rest of your items.
  • Kit of moving boxes and packing tape mailed to student when you register for the service.
  • (888) 7.MYDORM or (888) 769-3676
  • Planned free drop off dates for Fall 2024 are Friday Aug. 23rd and Saturday Aug. 24th. Students will need to be on campus to meet the movers to accept re-delivery. Students are not able to request solely an “early arrival” in order to meet the movers. Student arrivals will follow the appointment schedule through MyHousing. If you have custom needs or will not be on campus this fall, please contact DormRoomMovers customer service directly to discuss alternative delivery timing.
  • Planned free pick up dates for Spring 2024: Saturday May 11th, Monday May 13th, Tuesday May 14th.
If DormRoomMovers does not match with your off-campus storage needs, it may be helpful to investigate other local off campus storage providers.