Many offices are involved in coordinating your arrival on campus. The goal is to make the experience welcoming and memorable for you.

  You can help make move in run smoothly by planning ahead and following these instructions:

  • Plan to arrive at date and time communicated to you by Residence Life.  If you are a part of an early arrival group, please follow the arrival instructions provided by your group leader.
  • Coordinate room furnishings with your roommate to prevent doubling up.
  • Arrange optional services (cable TV, microfridge, installation of AC if approved, etc).  Be sure to discuss this with your roommate as well.
  • Pack what you’ll need – use this What To Bring checklist as a guide.
  • The College uses extra-long twin mattresses. You may consider supporting the Commons Council fundraiser by purchasing linens from Residence Hall Linens.
  • If you are traveling from a distance and must ship your personal belongings, send them to your campus box.  Due to limited post office storage space, items shipped should not arrive earlier than 5 days prior to your move-in.
  • Be sure your paperwork is filed with the Health Center.  You cannot receive your key if you have outstanding documents.
  • Move-in is part of New Student Orientation.  You may want to consult the schedule.

When you arrive

  • Follow the directions of the traffic coordinators.  You will be directed to your residence hall to drop off your belongings.
  • You should go directly to the key-check out table while move-in helpers will assist by carrying your items to your room.  If you are a transfer student, your key will be at the Farinon Center.
  • You will receive a checkpoint tag for residence hall access.  Hold on to it—you will keep this tag until you graduate!
  • After you unload, move vehicle to parking deck/lot or location designated by Public Safety. Fill out the Move-in-Day-Parking-Tag before you arrive.
  • Many upper-level students and College staff members will be on hand to assist you throughout the day.