Students may join a Wellness Living Community where residents explore wellness in six dimensions: social, occupational, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.  On these floors, students have opportunities to participate in special programming and create an environment where healthy choices are encouraged and supported which includes a substance-free lifestyle on the floor.

First-year wellness is located in Watson Hall. Incoming students can indicate their interest in joining a Wellness Community when completing the First-year housing application.

Upper-level wellness communities are located in Keefe Hall and Ramer Hall.  Self-directed wellness houses are located on Monroe Street.  Current students may apply through the room selection process every spring.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Identify the six dimensions of wellness and resources on campus that support each dimension.
  2. Implement personal wellness practices utilizing the knowledge of holistic health.
  3. Develop understanding of ways to support other community members in the practice of their wellness.

Member Expectations:

  1. Encourage healthy living to all Lafayette students by role modeling wellness behaviors on campus, joining the Student Wellness Committee, and participate in hall programming.
  2. Abstain from consuming alcohol and from using controlled substances and tobacco on the floor.
  3. Engage in a healthy lifestyle centered on the six dimensions of wellness.
  4. Maintain the integrity of the community by insuring that my guests will not be in possession of nor under the influence of controlled substances or alcohol.
  5. Be actively involved in program selection, development and implementation for the community.
  6. Contribute to a positive living environment by being active and visible in the hall community.
  7. Share the responsibility of confronting and/or reporting any behavior that does not meet wellness guidelines.