Eligibility for Commuter Status

The College defines a commuter student as an individual who lives within 30 miles of campus and travels daily/regularly from their permanent home to/from campus. “Permanent home” is defined as the domicile where one or both of the student’s parent/guardians live.  A family-owned apartment or house that is not the parent/guardian’s primary residence does not qualify as the permanent home.

Individual students with non-traditional circumstances (married, caring for a dependent child, non-traditional age, etc.) may use the Commuter Status Request process to request permission from the Director of Residence Life to live off-campus.

Initiating the Request

To initiate a new request for Commuter Student Status, submit a Commuter Status Request in MyHousing by March 1.  Residence Life staff may verify the commuter request information with your parent(s). Upon final verification, your commuter status will be confirmed in writing by the Residence Life Office. If verification is not obtained, you will be expected to participate in the housing lottery or secure housing through another established process.
Once approved, you will maintain commuter status without submitting subsequent applications.  Requests to switch to Commuter status are accepted in the spring for the following academic year.

Unethical Behavior and Commuter Status

In establishing the procedures outlined above, Lafayette College will waive the College housing requirement for those students who wish to live at their permanent home.  Students who manipulate these procedures, with or without the assistance of parents, will be regarded in violation of the College’s Code of Conduct and will be subject to disciplinary action by the College.  Furthermore, students who are found to be breaching their commuter status agreement will be assessed the housing fee for each semester in which such breach has occurred.  A Commuter student who signs a lease or resides in any facility other than their permanent home shall be regarded as living off-campus without permission and subject to sanctions.