Community Standards

Community standards are mutually agreed upon expectations which guide our residential communities in maintaining a safe and respectful environment in which all students are able to flourish as student-scholars. Residents help establish these standards for their living environment which may include the use of common spaces, cleanliness, and addressing infractions.  To derive maximum benefits, it is the duty of each student to understand not only individual and group rights but also his or her corresponding responsibilities to the community in which he or she lives. In addition to the Community Standards established by the students in each living area, all students are expected to comply with the Introductory Statement of the Code of Conduct, Housing Contract, and Student Handbook.

There may be times when individuals choose to violate these standards causing disruption or damage to the community. When this happens it is important for students to hold each other accountable as it is everyone’s responsibility to look out for and maintain a positive living environment.

If damage occurs in a public area, the cost to restore the community may be shared per capita amongst the residents of the impacted community unless the individual responsible is identified.  When such damage occurs, a notification will be sent out to the community alerting them and asking for any information.  Students may submit this anonymously on the Community Damage Tipline.

Quiet Hours

In order to maintain an environment that is conducive to the academic nature of the institution, residents are expected to be courteous towards their fellow students at all times in regards to study habits. At all times, courtesy hours are in effect throughout the residence halls. This means that at no time should one’s behavior negatively impact the potential academic activities that may be occurring in the residents.

In addition to 24 hour courtesy hours, the residence halls observe Quiet Hours from 10pm-8am Sunday through Thursday and 12am-10am Friday & Saturday. Quiet Hours are monitored by fellow residents and also student staff members.