Early Arrival August 2017

The housing contract permits occupancy of college housing two days in advance of the first day of classes.  Exceptions are granted for students who are members of an approved early arrival group/sports team.  Individual students who are not part of an early arrival group/team may request permission to move in one day early—on Friday, Aug. 25 after 12pm.  Regardless of circumstance, students who return to campus prior to Saturday, Aug. 26, must have advance permission from the Office of Residence Life.

If you are part of an early arrival group/team, you are expected to schedule your return to campus for the day/time designated by your coach/group adviser. Please contact the Office of Residence Life regarding requests for arrival groups outside of your group’s date. Individual requests will be reviewed and may require additional supporting materials. There is a nightly fee for returning before your approved date.

If you are not part of an early arrival group/team but have extenuating travel issues, you may request individual permission to return to campus on Friday, Aug. 25, between 12pm–7:00 p.m. only.  Requests earlier than this date will be subject to additional housing fees and cannot be guaranteed.

The housing opening dates are published well in advance to enable students and families to plan their travel accordingly.  It is assumed that a request to arrive prior to the established opening date is made due to unavoidable circumstances.  For that reason, you may be required to provide substantial supporting documentation (i.e., copies of parent’s boarding passes if they are unavailable during the scheduled move-in time due to travel, copies of wedding announcements if attending the wedding of an immediate family member).

Individual requests must be received by Wednesday, August 16th.  We cannot process requests over the phone.  Requests must be made through MyHousing and be fully submitted to be reviewed. 

Cancellations of a previously approved early arrival time should be made in writing to the Office of Residence Life before you return to campus, otherwise early arrival fees stand.

It is logistically challenging to prepare the residences for fall occupancy as there are many conference groups and individual students who live on campus during the summer.  Often the available time for room prep is very short (sometimes less than one day).  Facilities Operations plans their summer work and cleaning schedule based on the early arrival dates for each team/group.

Ultimately, we want every student to move into a residence that has been fully prepared for his/her arrival. Adhering to the scheduled arrival dates/times helps to make that possible.