Summer housing is offered as an extension of academic year housing for enrolled students who will be engaged in a College sponsored or approved program (e.g. research, coursework, internship, employment).  All conditions of the Code of Student Conduct and the academic year Housing Contract apply to students living in residence over the summer.  Summer housing residents are responsible for adhering to the policies and procedures described in these publications and the specific summer housing terms and conditions published by the Office of Residence Life. Additional COVID-specific policies and operational conditions will be communicated as necessary and must be followed for the safety and well-being of our campus community.

Summer Housing is designed to be a more independent experience for students. Students residing in college housing should be prepared to take greater responsibility for cooking and cleaning for themselves, accessing local services, and using available resources to meet their own needs. Reflecting the smaller number of students on campus each summer, College services and hours of operation for many offices are limited.  In addition, the COVID mitigation strategies deployed during the Spring semester (e.g. weekly testing for all students, daily symptom checker) will be discontinued or reduced in scope. Student Involvement and Residence Life will offer program opportunities for students and we anticipate that while here, students’ priority will be their research, coursework, internship, campus job, etc.

Summer Housing Timeline

Summer Housing Applications and Roommate Matching opens in MyHousing Friday, April 30th.

Summer Housing priority deadline – Friday, May 14th.

Assignments for summer housing will be confirmed beginning Friday, May 21st.

  • Summer Housing Applications received after Friday, May 28th will take 48-72 hours to process.  There is no option for walk-up or same-day registration. Requests that do not match with approved reasons for being housed on campus during the summer may be rejected.
  • Priority consideration for summer housing assignments  and roommates will be given to those who register by the Priority Deadline (May 14th). After that date, requests will be accommodated in the order they are received as space is available.
  • Summer housing assignments are made based on class-year seniority, roommate requests, registration by priority deadline, fall 2021 assignment, and arrival and departure dates.
  • If you are registered to stay through into summer housing when the session opens on Sunday, May 30th, you have permission to remain in your spring semester residence hall rooms until that date (i.e. through graduation and senior send-off).
  • For newly arriving students, the first day when students may arrive for the summer is Saturday, June 5th. Details about key pick up and move in will be shared later.
  • For any periods of travel or time away from campus (including between the end of classes and the beginning of Summer Housing) or newly arriving to campus, unvaccinated students should anticipate that COVID pre-arrival testing will be required.  This testing would be arranged by and at the expense of the student.  Specific expectations and instructions will be included with the housing assignment confirmation.
  • The College highly encourages students to be vaccinated for COVID.  Students should provide their vaccination information to the Bailey Health Center.
  • Prior to the move to permanent summer housing locations in mid-June, you may be placed in temporary summer housing (May 30th through June 12th).  Information about transition from temporary summer housing to permanent summer housing will be sent to all students who will need to transition.

Summer Housing (permanent) transition- Approximately June 12th / 13th

Summer II Term ends – Saturday, August 14th

Summer Buildings

For the 2021 summer housing session, students will be housed in:


  • 512 March St (apartments, 2 and 3 person summer occupancy, suite kitchens)
  • Fisher Hall East and West (apartments, 2, 3, 4, & 5-7 person summer occupancy, suite kitchens)
  • Kamine Hall (single and double summer occupancy, floor kitchens)
  • Keefe Hall (single and double summer occupancy, floor kitchens)
  • Watson Courts (apartments, 3-4 person summer occupancy, suite kitchens)


Personal-size refrigerators may be kept in student rooms. Due to fire safety regulations, cooking in individual student bedrooms is not allowed and appliances such as toaster ovens, hotplates, and microwaves (except those in combination fridge/microwave units manufactured by MicroFridge – see below) are prohibited in student rooms.

Campus Specialties
(800) 525-7307

Summer Roommates

You may specify a preference of room type (not building) and roommate(s) through MyHousing; however, specific requests cannot be guaranteed. The majority of summer rooms are in doubles and/or apartment-style units; thus, you are encouraged to identify a potential roommate(s).

Roommates should be identified through the Room Selection Tab and Roommate/Suitemate drop down in MyHousing. Only FULLY MATCHED roommate groups will be housed together.  A roommate cannot be found in search until that person has applied for summer housing.

Watch this roommate matching video for instruction MyHousing Roommate Matching Video

Depending on the number of applications, students should anticipate the possibility of a roommate or suitemate even if you have requested a single space for summer. Roommate names may not be available at the time your assignment is confirmed due to changing summer housing registrations.

Summer Fees and Billing

Summer housing rates are set for weekly stays (Sunday – Saturday).

The summer housing rate for Summer 2021 is $118 a week (Sunday-Saturday) between Sunday May 30, 2021 until the fall semester move-in date of Saturday August 28, 2021. (Students continuing directly from Spring into Summer Housing for Summer I will not be charged for the week of May 30th – June 5th).

Housing charges are determined by the arrival and departure dates listed on your  Summer Housing Application in your MyHousing dashboard.  You must vacate housing no later than the departure date for which you have registered.  Occupancy of summer housing is defined as possession of a room key and/or occupancy of a residence hall space by self and/or belongings. You should expect to incur additional housing charges for any period:

  • beyond your registered departure dates
  • your belongings remain in your summer room
  • your keys are not returned

Requests for refunds/credits based on a change to departure dates that occur after the first day of occupancy must be made in writing prior to your departure from summer housing.

You are individually billed for summer housing unless the Office of Residence Life receives written approval from a sponsoring department that the fees are being covered by that department’s account. You would then see both a charge and credit on your student account.

Housing fees paid by the EXCEL research program, the Gateway Career Center internship program, or other sponsored departmental programs may only be applied to the summer housing term (June 5th, 2021 – August 14, 2021).  Any additional housing charges will be assessed to the individual student.

Summer Amenities


After you receive your summer housing assignment, you may contract for cable TV.

You may rent MicroFridge units for the summer months by contacting Campus Specialties.   1 (800) 525-7307


During the summer session there is no formal meal plan and fewer on-campus dining options.  Dining Services schedules the food service operations and will publicize facility hours.For summer 2021, Dining Services will operate the Food Truck and Trolley Stop Diner. These locations, as well as several businesses around Easton accept Pard Dollars which can be added online. For questions about summer dining options/operations, please contact Dining Services.


If you will have a car that is not currently registered on campus, you should contact Public Safety for a free temporary permit. During the summer, students may park in any student lot. Parking restrictions related to faculty/staff designations and other specified locations (red zones, restricted spaces, etc) remain in effect, and tickets for violations will be billed to student accounts.