Because Lafayette is a residential college, students are required to live in College housing for the entirety of their undergraduate experience. Rising senior students have the additional option of pursuing off-campus housing opportunities. Fewer than 15% of Lafayette College students live off campus and most reside in houses or apartments that are owned or operated by the College. In addition, each year the College permits a small number of eligible seniors to reside in private off-campus housing (housing not owned by the College).

During  the fall of your junior year, you will receive an email from the Office of Residence Life that contains application information and deadlines for the priority off-campus process.

Eligibility for the Priority Off-campus Process (which includes college-owned and private off-campus processes):

  • Completed and earned 100% on the Priority Off-campus Quiz (individual link to the quiz sent by email).
  • Attend the class and pass the test for T.I.P.S. Training offered through Campus Life.
  • 2.8 GPA as of the beginning of the fall semester your junior year.
  • Not currently on Disciplinary Probation Level I (at time of release) or never have been on Disciplinary Probation Level II while a student at Lafayette College.
  • A current class of 2020 student as deemed by the Registrar’s Office.

Priority Off-campus Quiz Study Guide- The Off-Campus Living Experience

Priority Off-campus Eligibility Appeal

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