Because Lafayette is a residential college, students are required and expected to live in College housing for the entirety of their undergraduate experience. Rising senior students have new options to pursue College-Owned Off-Campus (COOC) or Private Off-Campus (POC) housing opportunities for the upcoming year. Fewer than 15% of Lafayette College students live off-campus and most reside in houses or apartments that are owned or operated by the College. Each year the College permits a small number of Eligible rising seniors to be Released from their Housing Contract to secure Private Off-Campus housing (housing not owned by the College) for the upcoming year.

During  the fall semester of your junior year, you will receive emails from the Office of Residence Life that contain information and deadlines for the Priority Off-Campus Process (Priority Process).

To become fully Eligible for the Priority Process (which encompasses both the Private Off-campus Release process (winter and early Spring) and the 2 and 3 Person College-owned Off Campus Lotteries (which typically occur in late March or early April) students must have:

  • Completed and earned 100% on the Priority Off-campus Quiz
  • Completed the assigned T.I.P.S. Training course offered through Campus Life and pass the exam
  • Have had a 2.8 cumulative GPA as of the beginning of the spring semester your junior year
  • Cannot currently be on Disciplinary Probation Level I (at time of Eligibility determination or Release) and have ever been on Disciplinary Probation Level II while a student at Lafayette College
  • A current class of 2022 student as deemed by the Registrar’s Office at the start of the spring semester
  • Do not or will not have another required housing assignment for Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 (ex. Students included on chapter house rosters or alternate lists for Fall 2021 are not eligible for release to Private Off Campus. Students included on chapter house rosters are also not eligible for the Priority Lotteries, however, students listed as alternates may still participate in the lottery events)

Once a student receives a communication that confirms in writing that they are fully Eligible, they should also receive instructions from Tim Uhrich, Assistant Director of Residence Life ( about how to move forward with formalizing interest in being selected for Release to Private Off Campus housing, or when Roommate Matching processes will be available to prepare for the Priority 2 Person COOC Lottery, or subsequent Priority 3 Person COOC Lottery.

Until a student receives a written “Release” from the college, they are not authorized to secure private housing or a lease for an off campus residence in place of their College Housing Contract. Students who attempt to do so and sign or agree to legally or financially binding documents (contracts, leases, etc.) may be charged with Failure to Comply under the Student Code of Conduct, and/or may create circumstances under which they have financial commitments to both private landlords and to the College.

In some years, the amount of interest to be Released to Private Off Campus housing exceeds the number of individuals the College will permit to be Released. In this circumstance, a randomized lottery of Eligible and interested individuals will determine the order in which Releases are offered to students and the order of students whose interest will be maintained on a waitlist, when/if any subsequent Releases are permitted. Any students who meet Eligibility requirements and express interest in Private Off Campus housing after the creation of this waitlist would be added in the order in which their POC Interest Form is received on MyHousing.

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Private Off Campus Interest Form Acknowledgements (only available to sign through MyHousing once a student is deemed fully eligible for potential release)