Student Staff

The student staff position is a unique leadership opportunity for students to learn about themselves and grow as leaders while at the same time performing job functions which fulfill the mission of Lafayette College.

Student staff members are eager to help you in making your residence hall a comfortable place to live that enhances your educational experiences and contributes to your overall success and enjoyment at Lafayette.

Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors (RAs) are assigned to live in each living community to foster an environment that promotes the educational experience of residential living.  The RA articulates the philosophy and policies of the Office of Residence Life and the College to their residents, and in turn, represents the needs of the students to the administration. The job of the RA combines many roles: information resource, activities organizer, liaison to the Office of Residence Life, adviser, and friend.

Grossman House Advisor

The Grossman House Advisor works with the residents of the Grossman House for Global Studies. In addition to the responsibilities of the RA position, they specialize in supporting the House leadership and sponsoring programs in line with the Global Studies theme.

Head Resident Advisors

Head Residents (HRs) oversee a residential area and supervise the student staff in those communities. The HR serves as a resource and referral person for all the residents of his or her area. The HR coordinates, supervises, and/or completes various administrative tasks and assists with various office projects throughout the year. Head Residents are juniors or seniors who have previous staff experience.


The Office of Residence Life seeks candidates for student staff positions on a yearly basis. Specific information about the process can be found on the Student Staff Selection website.