Each year, the Office of Residence Life processes many changes in housing assignments for the spring semester. Vacancies occur due to students departing for spring study abroad programs, graduating, transferring, or taking a leave of absence. Once vacant spaces are confirmed, housing assignments are first processed for students returning from abroad.  Then, new assignments are made for those returning from leaves of absence, fall residents who request room changes, and any newly admitted students.

All anticipated vacancies for the spring must be verified before new occupants can be assigned. This verification typically cannot be completed before finals end. Therefore, if you are requesting a general room change for the spring semester, it is possible that a new room assignment will not be confirmed for you before the end of finals. To be approved for a new room, you must be willing to move out of your fall semester room even if a new assignment has not been confirmed.

To request a room change for the spring semester, follow the process below:

  1. Complete a Mid-year Room Change request through My Housing. Mid-year Room Change Requests will be accepted beginning November 15th through December 1st.
  2. At the end of the fall semester, you must completely vacate your current room and return the room key (regardless of whether a new room assignment has been approved). This requirement enables your vacated space to be prepared for occupancy by a newly assigned student.
  3. During the weeks between the fall and spring semesters, the Office of Residence Life will notify whether your room change request can be processed.  If an assignment matching your request is not available, you will not be reassigned (i.e.  you will remain in your fall semester room).
  4. Upon return to campus at the start of the spring semester, you will sign out the new room key.

Take Note:

  • There are VERY few singles available for students who are currently on campus in doubles. Singles are assigned based on class year and the date the request was filed. All juniors and seniors studying abroad have room assignment request dates ahead of their classmates currently on campus.
  • If you are approved for OR are awaiting confirmation of a general spring semester room change, you MUST vacate your fall assignment entirely and return your room key when departing at the end of the fall semester (even if your new assignment has not yet been confirmed).  This requirement enables the space you are leaving to be ready for a new occupant.  If you do not move out, your room change request will be cancelled.
  • Spring semester room change updates will be communicated via email to your Lafayette account. To avoid delays in processing a room change, you are advised to check this account regularly between the fall and spring semesters.
  • Due to the large number of assignments processed between semesters, staff from the Office of Residence Life may not be able to contact you to discuss options that are available. If you file a spring room change request, you should be prepared to be assigned to any open spaces in buildings/room type that you preference.
  • If you prefer to meet your potential new roommate before being re-assigned, you should wait until you return for the spring semester to request a room change.
  • Room rates vary.  A room change to a building that has a higher/lower rate will result in an adjustment to your bill.

Specific Information for Moving Into Greek Chapter Houses and Special Interest Houses for the spring semester:

  1. If you will be moving into your chapter house, special interest house, or other living group, you do not need to complete a room change request form as your name will appear on the spring housing roster submitted by the group during the final weeks of the fall semester.
  2. If you are listed on a group housing roster, you must vacate your fall semester assignment and return the room key by the end of fall semester finals.  This requirement enables vacated spaces to be prepared for occupancy by a newly assigned student.
  3. Failure to move out and/or return the room key will result in key replacement charges and improper move-out fees.