Students interesting in the Arts have the option of off campus housing in Art Houses on Parsons Street near the campus. Students are seen in their houses. Here clockwise from left at 624 Parsons are seniors Ben Boyer, Peter Mara, Melanie Defazio, Andy Feldman, and Mike Follett

During the spring semester, all currently enrolled students (except graduating seniors) secure their housing assignment for the following academic year through the Room Selection process or the Housing Lottery.

Room Selection refers to the various application and group roster processes by which individual students or groups of students secure housing for the next academic year.  Room Selection includes Living Groups (such as LLCs, Grossman House, Special Interest Houses, and Fraternity and Sorority chapter houses) and any community or grouping that requires a special application (for example, Wellness Housing, 6+ suite, or Block Housing). Students who are assigned housing through a room selection process do not participate in a Housing Lottery Event.

Housing Lottery is the online event during the spring semester when students who have not already received an assignment through one of the room selection processes will choose a room for the following year. Lottery is structured by seniority between class years and randomly assigned start times within each class year.

Information about Room Selection and Lottery will be posted in February.