Members of Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are students who want to take the initiative to create their own learning opportunities. 

With the support of the faculty sponsor and Residence Life staff, LLC members plan and participate in various house events.


SPRING [prior to living in LLC]

  • Meet with faculty advisor and other house members to discuss expectations & brainstorm list of possible house events
  • Submit house event ideas to Office of Residence Life
  • Review educational materials about off-campus living and complete quiz

FALL/SPRING [while living in LLC]

  • Attend monthly house and community meetings with the graduate intern
  • Attend Programming Information Session (Aug/Sept)
  • With housemates, sponsor at least 2 programs/events per month
  • Divide responsibility for leading house events amongst housemates
  • Lead a portion of the house programs
  • Attend & participate in majority of house programs
  • Communicate regularly with faculty & the graduate intern
  • Submit program documentation and other administrative paperwork by deadlines
  • Collaborate with other campus groups (other LLCs, departments, clubs, etc) on at least ½ of house programs
  • Participate in neighborhood activities to foster a sense of community amongst LLC residents
  • Maintain a substance-free house (regardless of age of residents, no alcohol is permitted in house)


While it is expected that students will take responsibility for creating their own learning opportunities around the house theme, faculty sponsors have an integral role in an LLC’s success through informally advising house members as they plan events and encouraging reflection.

SPRING [prior to implementing the LLC]

  • If group of interested is students is fewer than 3, assist in recruiting additional applicants by promoting the LLC within academic program/department (share info with faculty colleagues, announce in class, nominate suitable students)
  • Before application is submitted, meet (communicate with) students re: their interest in the topic, their goals for the house, and your mutual expectations.
  •  If house is accepted, attend LLC advisor orientation meeting
  • Before end of semester, meet with LLC members to advise them in creation of learning outcomes for the LLC and brainstorming of events for their program plan.

FALL/SPRING [during the LLC]

All LLCs are assigned to a College Representative; a graduate student staff member who is a programming resource and provides general RA-type support.  Faculty sponsors are not expected to provide administrative or logistical assistance.

During the academic year, we anticipate spending, on average, 2 hours/month interacting with students in the following ways:

Aug/Sept:  Meet with students to initiate events

Jan/Feb:  Meet with students to guide them in reflection & initiate spring semester events

Attend house programs (as schedule permits)
Meet/communicate regularly with students
Suggest topics for programs/events