Updated September 20, 2023

The policies and practices below apply to the Winter housing term.

Winter Housing FAQs

What is the time period for Winter housing?

Thursday, December 21, 2023 to Friday, January 19, 2024. 

How do I register for Winter housing?

The application for winter housing will be available in MyHousing beginning November 15th.

What is the deadline to register for Winter housing?

The priority registration deadline for Winter housing is December 1st.  Registering by the priority date ensures your assignment will be finalized, housing fees billed, and important information communicated before fall housing closes.

The Winter housing application will be closed from December 22nd to January 2, 2023. The Winter housing application will reopen on January 2nd.

Students must register for Winter housing at least three business days prior to their desired arrival date.


What is the fee for Winter housing?

Winter housing is $120 a week. The winter term has been divided into four weeks. You will be asked to select the week(s) that are appropriate for your specific stay when registering for winter housing.

Week 1: December 21st-December 30th (bonus days due to holiday schedule)

Week 2: December 31st- January 6th

Week 3: January 7th- January 13th 

Week 4: January 14th- January 19th

There is no meal plan during the winter term.  Students are responsible for their own meals/groceries unless covered by their involvement in a group.

How is billing handled during Winter housing?

Students will be individually billed for Winter Housing unless the Office of Residence Life receives written approval from a sponsoring department.   It is possible that a sponsoring department might cover only a portion of a student’s housing fees. For example, if the sponsoring department agrees to pay for 2 weeks, but the student is living in winter housing for 3 weeks, the 3rd week will be billed to the student’s account. The credits from sponsoring departments will be applied to student accounts at the conclusion of the winter term.  Payment for winter bills will be due at the conclusion of the winter term.

Are there options for financial assistance for Winter term expenses?

Students who remain on campus will need to plan for room and board expenses, including groceries.

The Office of Financial Aid currently does not offer any additional grant assistance for winter housing. To speak with a staff member about loan options for winter break assistance, please contact financialaid@lafayette.edu.

The fee for winter housing will be due at the end of the winter term.  Students who wish to establish specific winter term payment plans may contact studentaccounts@lafayette.edu.

On-campus employment opportunities are listed on Handshake, the Career Services job posting.

Dean’s loans are for extenuating circumstances and only in cases in which the funds can be repaid. Students eligible for the loan should be employed (e.g. on-campus job/ federal work study/ EXCEL Scholar) so that the loans can be appropriately tracked and returned by the agreed upon date. 

Housing fees are generally not eligible for student emergency funds. Details about the emergency fund and what is and is not eligible for consideration can be found in the online application. Specific questions about the emergency fund can be directed to Chaplain Alex Hendrickson (hendrica@lafayette.edu)

Students who need financial assistance during the winter period can contact Brian Samble (sambleb@lafayette.edu), dean of students.

Where will students live during Winter housing?

Students will be housed in their fall semester assignment. Students that were not on campus in the fall or participating in the Mid-Year room change process will live in their spring housing assignment during winter housing.

Can a student request a different housing assignment during winter?

No. Students that are on campus during this time period will remain in their fall housing assignment.

Will students be required to carry a meal plan?

No. No meal plan is offered during winter housing. The meal plan ends at 9:00pm on December 20th.   Please review the dining services website for details regarding venues and hours of operation.

The meal plan for the spring semester begins on January 20th.

Due to fire safety regulations, cooking in student bedrooms is not permitted. Personal-sized refrigerators may be kept in student bedrooms. Appliances such as toaster ovens, hotplates, and microwaves (except those in combination fridge/microwave units manufactured by MicroFridge) are strictly prohibited. Cooking and cooking appliances are permitted in the kitchen areas of apartments and suites that contain kitchen facilities as well as in building lounge kitchens.


If I am not registered for Winter Housing, can I access my room during the semester break?

No. Be sure to remove all items you may need while away from campus. Only students registered for winter housing may access their fall/spring semester room. In emergencies, students may contact the Office of Public Safety for special permission. Public Safety will assess a fee for this service.

Can I have guests during winter housing?

Winter Housing residents may host overnight guests for a maximum of 48 hours.  Winter students must register guests in advance using the form on the Public Safety website.

A guest is any non-student who is at least 16 years of age OR a current Lafayette student who is not registered for Winter Housing. 

Residents will be held responsible if they do not adhere to this guest policy or if their guests violate college policy.  Consequences may include revocation of Winter Housing immediately (i.e. required to leave campus without refund).

Where can I park my car during winter housing?

During the Winter Housing session, residents may park in any student lot.  Parking is not permitted in staff lots, faculty resident spaces, handicap zones, fire zones and yellow zones.  Residents may register a car for the Winter Housing session if they do not ordinarily have one registered on campus during the regular academic year by using the Temporary Pass link.