Updated December 14, 2020

The policies and practices below apply to the Winter and Interim housing term.  Policies and procedures specific to the Spring 2021 housing terms may be different.

Living on Campus


Fall Semester Closing

What is the time period for winter housing?

Monday, Dec. 7 through Wednesday, Jan. 13. The application for winter housing will be available in MyHousing to students who have registered for Fall Extended Stay through Sunday, Dec. 6., and need to continue living in College housing during the semester break. The policies included in the COVID-19-Related Addendum remain in place during winter housing, including restrictions on travel outside the Lehigh Valley. There is no fee for housing during this period.

What is the time period for interim housing?

Thursday, Jan. 14, through Friday, Feb. 5. The application for interim housing will be available on MyHousing in mid-December. The policies included in the COVID-19-Related Addendum remain in place during interim housing, including restrictions on travel outside of Lehigh Valley. A flat fee of $228 will be charged for interim housing unless a waiver has been requested and granted.


What is the deadline to register for Interim Housing?

Students who need housing during Interim (Jan. 14 – Feb. 5) should register on MyHousing as soon as possible. Interim move-in will occur only on January 14 and January 15.  Housing registrations must be received in advance to insure students can comply with the mandatory pre-testing and arrival testing protocols. No registrations will be accepted after January 4th.

When is Interim Housing move-in?

Students will move in for Interim Housing on January 14th and 15th during business hours. Students will sign up for a specific check-in appointment as part of the registration process. Students should plan all arrivals to occur during these windows of time for testing, key pick up, and check in procedures.

Where will students live during Interim Housing?

Newly arriving students for the 2020-2021 academic year will live in their Spring 2021 room assignment. This includes students in the McCartney Residences and privately owned fraternity houses. Spring assignments are now visible in MyHousing.

Students currently on campus who are changing rooms for the Spring will move to their new assignment in early January. Otherwise, students currently on campus will remain where they are.

Students who left campus in November or December and are changing rooms over winter should have already moved out of their fall room and will move directly into their Spring 2021 assignment for Interim.

Can a student request a different housing assignment for Interim?

No. Students housed on campus continuously from fall will transition from their fall assignment to their spring assignment in early January. All other students should anticipate moving into their Spring 2021 assignment when arriving on campus.

Students may still request an alternative assignment for Spring 2021 by submitting a request through the Housing Waitlist on MyHousing prior to arrival on campus.

Can a student rent or sublet a private apartment and not live in College housing for the interim period?

There is no requirement to live in college housing for the interim period. Those residing in housing adjacent to campus on College Hill or living at home and who will be accessing campus facilities must be registered as an on-campus student. They will participate in testing protocols and adhere to the guidelines in the COVID Addendum. If a student who is regularly assigned in College housing chooses to live in non-College housing for the interim term, they will still retain their College housing assignment for the spring semester.

Can students travel to and from campus during interim?

No. Students will be expected to remain on campus or in the Lehigh Valley.

Are there safety measures related specifically to housing?

Yes, including the wearing of masks, social distancing, no cross-visitation between buildings, and no visitors and guests in campus buildings. There is more information in the COVID-19 addendum to the Student Handbook. Policies are reviewed and revised during the semester as local conditions, state health department directives, and CDC guidance change.

Will students on campus be required to carry a meal plan?

No. No meal plan is offered during interim. Dining options on campus will be very limited. Cooking facilities are provided in all residence halls. Appliances in building kitchens vary (stoves, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators). Cooking is not permitted in student bedrooms with the exception of heating food in a College-approved microwave unit. Students may cook in common building kitchens or inside units with private kitchens (e.g. suites, apartments).

Can I access my room during the semester break?

No. Be sure to remove all items you may need while away from campus. Only students registered for winter housing may access their fall/spring semester room. In emergencies, students may contact the Office of Residence Life for special permission. Public Safety will assess a fee for this service.

What if plans for the spring semester change?

Students who can’t come back to campus for the spring will be required to remove any personal belongings left in College housing at their own expense including storage/shipping.


Living on Campus

Do I have to wear a mask in my residence hall?

Students are not expected to wear masks in their bedroom or designated bathroom. In all other areas in the residence hall, students should wear masks as often as possible, especially when social distancing may be difficult to maintain and in the presence of anyone who is not part of their residential cohort (e.g, College employees). There are some common areas designated as spaces where masks are required due to the size of the space and/or inability to social distance. Signs are posted in areas with specific expectations.

What are the expectations for social distancing in residence halls?

Students should follow guidance about the size of group gatherings and social distancing, especially in building lounges and common areas. There will be some common spaces in the halls where use will be limited to one person at a time due to the size of the space and the inability to social distance within them (e.g., elevators, small laundry rooms, small kitchens). Signs will be posted in areas with specific expectations.  

What is the arrangement for bathrooms?

Specific bathrooms are designated for use by each residential cohort. Similar to a household, limiting the individuals in this space reduces risk of infection. In addition, based on the size of the residential cohort and restroom configuration, occupancy in bathrooms may be limited. Signs are posted with specific expectations.

May I visit friends in other buildings?

Students approved to access campus may visit friends in other buildings as escorted guests.  Face masks for guests are required in building common areas.  Residential students only have checkpoint (fob) access to their own hall. 

May I have guests in my room/suite/apartment?

With the permission of their roommate (if applicable), students may invite other students who live in their building into their bedrooms/suite/apartment. The number of guests should be limited to enable adherence to social distancing guidelines.
Students may host student guests from other buildings under the following conditions:

  • The hosting student has no more than two guests at any one time.
  • The hosting student remains with the guest(s) for the duration of their visit.
  • Student guests must wear masks in building common areas.  
  • In multi-person units (e.g. suites, apartments), hosting is contingent on agreement between roommates. 

Residential students are not permitted to host non-student guests or students who are not approved to access campus (and are not part of the College’s testing protocol).  


How will the residence halls be cleaned?

The custodial team will clean residential common spaces on a scheduled basis consistent with CDC and other public health guidelines. Common spaces include hall bathrooms, building kitchens, lounges, hallways, stairwells, and elevators. Unchanged is students’ responsibility for cleaning their own bedrooms, apartments, en suite bathrooms, and other private spaces. Students are responsible for bringing appropriate cleaning supplies. It is recommended that roommates/suitemates devise a plan for cleaning/sanitizing.

What are the expectations for students living in off-campus houses?

The COVID-19 Related Addendum to the Student Handbook includes policies for both private and College-owned off-campus houses.