Spring 2017 Closing Information for Graduating Seniors


Since you are graduating, you are automatically approved to stay in college housing through 12 noon on Sunday, May 21st.

Due to the immediate transition to the Summer Housing term, graduates may not remain in spring housing beyond 12 noon on Sunday, May 21st. Seniors’ checkpoints will be deactivated and exterior locks to college apartments will be changed. Thank you for making your plans accordingly.

In order to facilitate a smooth and proper check-out, please make sure you:

-Close and lock windows.
-Clean & empty refrigerator.  For rental units, disconnect and leave door partially open for ventilation.
-Sweep/vacuum floor.
-Empty trash into hall containers/dumpsters or curbside.
-Dust furniture surfaces.
-Clean kitchen, suite bathroom, & common areas (as applicable).
-Verify that all college furniture is present.
-Remove all personal items from drawers, closets, walls, etc.
-Lock room/exterior  door as you leave.
-Return room key to the Office of Residence Life (Farinon 132) or Public Safety.

At the conclusion of the Spring semester, Facilities Operations staff will conduct damage inspections in all residence facilities.

To avoid damage charges, be sure your room is in proper
condition—no damage to walls, furniture present, room clean, free of personal items, etc— prior to your departure.

Brooms, dustpans, vacuums, and trash bags, are available through your RA.

Room Check Outs

Your room key and checkpoint tag may be returned to the Office of Residence Life (Farinon 132) or Public Safety if Farinon is closed.