Personal Property Insurance

The College does not carry insurance covering personal property and is not liable for losses, damages, or injuries of any sort occurring to personally-owned property, furniture, or equipment from any cause whatsoever. The College shall assume no liability for theft, destruction, or loss of money, valuables, or other personal property belonging to, or in the custody of, the resident from any cause whatsoever, whether such loss occurs in the resident’s room, storage areas, or public areas. Therefore, students are encouraged to obtain renter’s insurance to cover their personal property.

To insure the safety of personal items, we recommend you verify that coverage is provided under your family’s homeowner’s policy or contact an insurance agent concerning protection against such losses.  If the coverage is excluded by the homeowner policy, a renter policy may be purchased to specifically cover student property.

Several companies provide coverage specifically for student property.  The contact information provided below is not an endorsement of any particular company.

National Student Services, Incorporated

Worth Ave. Group