The College contracts with an outside vendor to provide coin-less laundry facilities in the residence halls. Residents of Watson Courts and College-owned, off-campus residents are given checkpoint access to the laundry room in Soles Hall basement (exterior entrance located off the Health Center parking lot).

You are expected to monitor the progress of your laundry.  The washing time is about 40 minutes and the drying time is about 45 minutes. Items should be removed promptly to allow other students to utilize the machines. Clothing left in a machine for an extended length of time may be removed from the machine by the next user. The College is not responsible for the loss of unmonitored items.


Residents living in College-owned, off-Campus houses have laundry services available on campus in the Soles Hall community laundry room.  The room is located in the basement of Soles with access through an exterior entrance off of the Health Center’s parking lot.  The laundry facilities on campus are coin-less for all residential students.  Off-campus students living in College-owned facilities have their checkpoint activated to use this facility. 

Private Off-Campus students DO NOT have access to this facility because the laundry rooms on campus are funded by room fees which POC students do not pay.  A public laundromat, “U-Launder-It,” located on the 500 block of Monroe Street, is available to ALL off-campus students.