Residence Hall Programming

Residence Hall Programming

There are many opportunities for students to participate in programs within their residence planned by Residence Hall Council and student staff members. Residence Hall programming takes many forms (floor programs, trips to other campus events, and bulletin boards), but all are designed to meet one of the following outcomes:

Social/Community Building

  • Develop a sense of community on a floor/building
  • Help students improve their interpersonal and social skills
  • Expand social acquaintances and friendships among residents

Cultural Awareness and the Arts

  • Introduce residents to cultural traditions that may be different than their own
  • Provide opportunities for exposure to various forms of expression
  • Familiarize residents with cultural and artistic campus options


  • Offer an educational experiences which may or may not be outside the residents’ major or previous knowledge base
  • Challenge residents to think critically about new or previously acquired knowledge
  • Engage residents in intellectual discourse outside of the classroom

Life Skills

  • Encourage residents to develop insight into themselves and others
  • Introduce information to help residents better manage daily life and plan for their future
  • Provide opportunities to practice skills to help residents better manage daily life and plan for their future

Hall Programs of the Month

Each month, a number of student staff programs are awarded "Program of the Month". Programs of the Month are chosen based on their impact on the residential experience, creativity, and overall success.

Stall Talk

Stall Talk is a monthly educational newsletter centered around different topics and are designed to get residents thinking and talking!

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