Living Learning Communities

Monroe St.

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are based on the model of the residential college, where faculty support student-to-student engagement in campus housing based on an academic curriculum. Living Learning Community students create and implement their own programs, events, and informal learning opportunities around the house theme under the advisement of their faculty sponsor (who does not live in the house) and with the support of the Office of Residence Life staff. All students and faculty participating in Living Learning Communities self-select into the process.

Participating in a Living-Learning Community provides a unique opportunity for intellectual exploration and community leadership as students create their own learning opportunities around the house theme.  Additionally, residing in a 3 person, off-campus house promotes independence and autonomy as students assume responsibility for more elements of their day-to-day living arrangements.

To apply for membership in an LLC, see the room selection  website.

2014-15 Living Learning Communities and Faculty Sponsors

Botany – Larry Malinconico, Geology

Chemistry – Kenneth Haug, Chemistry

Chinese – Li Yang, Foreign Languages & Literatures

Civic Engagement – Bonnie Winfield, Landis Center

Creative Writing – Lee Upton, English

FAMS – Andy Smith, English / FAMS

Folk Music – Jorge Torres, Music

Foodie – Annette Diorio, Campus Life

Foodie – Sarah Yencha, Residence Life

Geode – Larry Malinconico, Geology

German – Margarete Lamb-Faffelberger, Foreign Languages & Literatures

History – Bob Weiner, History

History – Andrew Fix, History

Interfaith – Alex Hendrickson, Religious Life

Interfaith – Brett Hendrickson, Religious Studies

Monroe@ –  John O’Keefe, Information Technology

Monroe@ – Ken Newquist, Information Technology

Technology – Steve Kurtz, Environmental Engineering

TREEhouse – Rachel Brummel, Environmental Studies & Julia Nicodemus, Engineering Studies

Wall Street – Rosie Bukics, Economics

WiSE – Roxy Swails, Chemistry