Living in an Academic Community

The Office of Residence Life strives to facilitate the creation of residential communities which help to promote the development of the whole student. It is our goal that the communities which develop in the residence halls not only support academic achievement, but also the personal growth of each individual student. Through programmatic opportunities, the guidance of student leaders, and the shared responsibility of the residents, we aspire to create communities in which students are able to reach their fullest potential.


Residence Hall Programming

A variety of programmatic opportunities exist within the residence halls. Whether planned by student staff members, hall council, or fellow residents, the residence halls prove to be dynamic and active communities.

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Student Staff Members

Student Staff Members living in the residence halls assist residents in many different ways throughout the year.

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Commons Councils

Commons Councils are assembled each fall to represent each first-year Commons. Membership is open to all first-year students. Councils support the Commons by engaging residents in activities focused on building connections and promoting a Commons identity. It is an opportunity for first-year students to have a leadership position starting in their first semester of college, which will help them develop valuable leadership skills, and most importantly connect to their Commons.

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Community Standards and Individual Responsibility

Community Standards are mutually agreed upon expectations and guidelines for living in the residential communities. In order for these to be successful, it is important for residents to take responsibility for their own behavior and to hold each other accountable to these expectations.

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