Information for Incoming Students

Living on campus will afford you many opportunities for both intellectual and social development. Much of your out-of-classroom time will be spent in your residence hall. Your room can become your study space, your center for communications, and your social scene. By living on campus, you will engage in the sharing of knowledge without even thinking about it. For example, a casual exchange in the hallway with a floormate can teach you about customs and cultures other than your own.

Both formal and informal social opportunities abound in the halls. The resident advisor staff and Commons Council organize hall events on a regular basis. Programs may entail getting a group together to attend a campus-sponsored event or organizing an in-house event based on the interest of the residents. Shared areas such as lounges and kitchens inspire impromptu gatherings throughout the week.

First-year students live in designated communities.  We believe there is value in learning to negotiate common living space, so as a first-year student, you will live with a roommate. We recognize that for some students this experience will be an adjustment from having their own room at home. Yet, sharing a living space will help you develop interpersonal skills that will be invaluable in the future. Roommates are encouraged to build their relationship through communication, open-mindedness, and compromise. After the first year, you will have a greater variety of living environments to choose from, including singles, suite-style, and living groups.

First-year Room Assignments

First-year students are housed together within a building or floor. Assignments are made using information provided on the First-year Housing Application. Incoming students will receive information about how to complete their application after June 1st.

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Living with a Roommate

Negotiating a shared living space provides opportunities for growth and development. This is why first-year students live with roommates. Students can request to live with a particular fellow student or can be assigned through our roommate matching process.

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First-year Residence Hall Video Gallery

Our goal is to create robust, diverse, and welcoming living environments for first-year students. Check out what may soon be your home away from home.

Take a video or photo tour of some first-year residence halls