Move-In and Move-Out

Before you move-in

  • Be sure you plan to arrive at the appointed day and time. Your arrival will run smoothly if we are expecting you.
  • Coordinate room furnishings with your roommate to prevent doubling up.
  • Arrange optional services (cable TV, microfridge, installation of AC if approved, etc).  Be sure to discuss this with your roommate as well.
  • Pack what you’ll need – use this What To Bring checklist as a guide.
  • The College uses extra-long twin mattresses. You may consider supporting the Residence Hall Council fundraiser by purchasing linens from Residence Hall Linens.
  • If you are traveling from a distance and must ship your personal belongings, send them to your campus box.  Due to limited post office storage space, items shipped should not arrive earlier than 5 days prior to your move-in.
  • Returning students, be sure you have your checkpoint, ID, and mailbox key—you’ll need them.
  • If you placed items in college storage, consult the pick-up schedule so you can plan accordingly.

When you arrive

  • Park to avoid traffic congestion. First-years: After you unload in front of your residence hall, move vehicle to parking deck/lot or location designated by Public Safety. Fill out the Move-in Parking Tag before you arrive. Returning/transfer students: please park in a designated space/lot near your residence hall and walk to Farinon Center.
  • Check-in at your designated location:
    • First-year students – outside your residence hall
    • Transfer students – Farinon Center
    • Returning students – Farinon Center
  • Sign out your key.
  • ALL students will receive a checkpoint tag for residence hall access.  Hold on to it—you will keep this tag until you graduate!
  • Sign the Housing Contract.
  • Head to your building and meet your RA/FHA (if you’re on-campus).
  • Complete your Room Inspection Form for accuracy to avoid damage billing for existing conditions.  Sign it and return it to your RA or to the Office of Residence Life.
  • If you have placed items in College storage over the summer, please refer to the pick-up schedule to retrieve them.

Moving out

  • Plan your departure to conform with residence hall closing dates.   Staying past hall closing may result in additional housing charges.
  • Close and lock windows.
  • Clean and empty your refrigerator. For rental units, disconnect and leave door partially open for ventilation.
  • Tidy up the room. This includes sweeping the floor, emptying trash into dumpsters or curbside, dusting furniture surfaces, and cleaning kitchen, suite bathrooms, and common areas (as applicable).*
  • Verify that all college furniture is present in the room.
  • Remove all personal items from drawers, closets, walls, etc.
  • Lock room/exterior door as you leave.
  • Return room key to either the Office of Residence Life (during business hours) or Public Safety (after business hours). If you are graduating/will not return to Lafayette, return your checkpoint tag, too.
  • Last occupant to leave should place “Checkout Checklist” post-it on exterior of room door (for spring closing).
  • Donate items to Green Move Out (at spring closing).

*Brooms, dustpans, vacuums, and trash bags are available through your hall staff or custodian.