Departmental and Specialty Houses

This category of housing includes living units or houses tied to an academic department, student organization, or religious program.   Please visit the Room Selection website for application information.

Arts Houses

623, 624, 626, 641, and 643 Parsons St.
The five Arts Houses host up to 15 students who serve as the steering committee for the Arts Society.  Residents coordinate programs and events that advance the fine and performing arts at Lafayette.

Hillel House

524 Clinton Terrace
Hillel Society provides a wide range of opportunities and programs for students of all denominations to practice Judaism on campus.

McKelvy House

200 High St.
Each year about 20 students are invited to live together in this 19th-century stone mansion. Intellectual discourse is the centerpiece.  The program encourages the exchange of ideas and information among students with different interests and in different disciplines. Admission is competitive and requires nomination by a faculty member.

PORTLOCK Black cultural center (bcc)

101 McCartney St.
Founded in 1970 by the College’s former academic dean David A. Portlock, the Portlock Black Cultural Center primarily supports the educational and social experiences of students of African, Latino, Asian, and Native American descent. The BCC works closely with Lafayette and community organizations to enhance cultural awareness, support community-wide programs, and provide a forum for networking. It features an art gallery, library, upstairs living room, and full-service kitchen. Activities include art exhibits, workshops, dinners for campus guests, alumni events, guest speakers and lectures, classes, receptions, film showings, student social activities, and other community-sponsored events.